We optometrists deal with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of visual problems and also the detection of diseases, disorders and pathologies related to the visual system. In our optician’s shop you will always find an optometrist at your service to measure your eyesight. We love our profession and value the importance of offering excellent service to our customers, that is why we have the most advanced technology and also invest in the continuous training of our professionals.


The academic success of school-age children has a lot to do with vision problems, which is why it is necessary to have regular visual check-ups from the age of 3, preferably at the start of the new school year. The aim of the check-up we will do at our center is to detect visual problems, whether functional or structural. We will confirm that the vision is good and equal in both eyes, that there is good color vision and that there are no reading problems, by carrying out specific tests appropriate to the age of each child. If we detect any medical anomaly, we will refer you to the ophthalmologist. In our optics you will find a wide stock of children’s glasses, both sun and prescription.


Nowadays, glasses are not just a functional tool that allows us to improve our vision or protect us from the sun. They are an essential fashion accessory and a very important factor in our image. The option of having more than one pair of glasses should be considered, as a spare and to combine them with a certain aesthetic. Thanks to the new technologies, you can check how the frames fit you before adapting them to your prescription. We have a great deal of experience to advise you. At Óptica Sisquella you will find a varied and extensive collection of sunglasses and prescription glasses. We rely on the most prestigious brands in the sector and opt for the most current and popular models according to market trends.


Contactology is the adaptation of contact lenses to neutralize visual defects such as myopia, hypermetropia, astigmatism and presbyopia. Our team of contactologists will adapt the contact lenses to your needs; we will teach you how to put them on and take them off, we will also explain the importance of proper maintenance and the rules of use to ensure good visual hygiene. We adapt all types of contact lenses, informing you which is the most appropriate in each case: daily, monthly, toric, multifocal, cosmetic or semi-rigid. We have a large stock to be able to offer you an immediate service. You can also call to reserve them on our phone (+34) 933019726 or by Whatsapp on (+34) 618416091.


From the age of 40 it is very important to keep track of the pressure in our eyes since glaucoma is a disease that usually does not present obvious symptoms on the patient and, if it is not monitored periodically, it can cause irreversible vision loss. It is very important to have a check-up if you have a family history of glaucoma. We have a contact tonometer that does not require anaesthesia and performs the measurement in a simple and accurate way. You can visit our opticians or make an appointment and we will check your intraocular pressure. In order to be able to monitor the eye pressure of our customers in a controlled manner, we will record the results obtained in a personal card.


As our history reflects, we are workshop experts and use the most advanced technology to achieve the most satisfactory results in each case. Thanks to this, our customers enjoy a high degree of satisfaction and confidence in their orders for all types of assembly and repairs.
“Prescription glasses in 30 minutes”. We have a large stock of anti-reflective monofocal lenses. We offer a service, any day of the week, for the delivery of your prescription glasses in a minimum time of 30 minutes. If you need to change the lenses (bifocals, progressives or special lenses) of your frame and they are not in stock, it will not be necessary to leave the glasses, you will be notified when the new lenses arrive and in 30 minutes they will be changed and ready.

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